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Program Management

We provide project development during programming phase by reviewing and coordinating all data furnished for the owner and developed performance review and initial cost estimate for scope verifications; collect the necessary supporting information for scope alternates; meet with management staff to establish programming options, regulatory requirements, equipments and planning layouts.
During the design phase, we develop conceptual feasibilities study, cost forecast and initial project schedule; identify major constrains and provide detailed CPM Master Schedule with Total program Budget; assist the team with scope budget verification with the program members.

The design phase is very important to any project, we coordinates client standard requirements; meeting and conferences between all project teams and the owner, update and adhere to the Master Plan, schedule, and program budget, established and implement cost control procedures, provide design guideline/ review and recommendations, prepare phase estimates, conduct cost adjustment and distribute status report.
In the Pre-construction Phase we assist the CLIENTS in analyzing and make recommendations for improving sequencing and/or durations of existing schedules for better constructability, reduced timeline and below cost.
Construction phase is the heart of the project and we report progress to the client through regular visit to all construction sites and documents construction activities. Review the contractor detailed construction schedule, prepare progress reports, report percentage completion for payments, monitor change orders and submit to the quarterly and monthly progress report.
The final phase is the Post Construction Phase, we collate all project documents and records. We coordinate project walk through, commissioning, warranties, Final walk through and final account/ payments.


Part of what we do as a program manager are Project Development, Programming, Condition Assessments, Project cost control, Risk Management, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Quality control, Quantity Surveying & Estimating, Construction Audit & Claim, Engineering & design and Construction Management Services, in the followings: K-12, Higher Education, Energy (Power Generating and Gas Plants) Oil and Gas (Refineries), Transportation (Airport, Highways, and Bridges Metro lines), Health (Hospitals), Hotels and Resorts, Telecommunications, environmental (Water and Sewage Treatment plants, and Governmental projects (Local, State & Federal).  At DEVCOM we developed and apply the latest technologies and construction management techniques to deliver our projects to our client’s satisfaction.


"Let us assume your responsibilities and manage your projects"


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