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DEVCOM is a development and construction management firm that provides services in general contracting, Construction management at risk (CMAR), design and build, Turnkey, and project finance.  Our diverse experience is multifaceted but not limited to the followings, Health (Hospital and clinics), corporate office, education (K12, Higher education) Transportation (metro rail, Airports, roads and bridges,) Power (hydropower dams, Refinery, gas plants, Power generation Plants), entertainment (Hotels, Amusements, Convention center and parks), Marine (Ports, dredging, channelization), environmental(waste water treatment plants, public utilities, oil spillage clean up, FEMA mitigation projects, and hurricane emergency response. We are very pleased to have served our clients over the years and brought smiles to various end users of our finished projects. Our focus at DEVCOM is in the human elements that makes us proud of who we are and thus amplifying our resolve to dedicate to serving our clients and our communities, and also the staff who makes DEVCOM more than a simple place to work but a team and a family oriented experience like no other. 

"Let us assume your responsibilities and manage your projects"


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