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Program Management is the process of providing execution certainty to meet the strategic business objectives of an owner.

Program management requires a border, more strategic focus that project management and tighter integration across all elements of the execution process including organizational enablement; program definition; stakeholder outreach and engagement; establishment of programmatic and technical requirements; development of top level execution strategies, schedule and budgets; risk planning and approach to risk management; acquisition and contracting strategy; execution planning; implementation of an integrated management and support toolset; oversight, management and integration of defined projects; assessment of cost;, schedule, quality and health, safety and environmental HSE) metrics; allocation of contingencies and ongoing risk assessment of top level strategies to successfully achieve strategic business objectives.

The new Science refocuses the project/program management role to a true “management” role, now focused on change delivery and value realization.
     • Ensure all projects and program are business outcomes, benefits and value    

     • Links closely the project and business benefit delivery activities to minimize and

       manage the “ value gap”
     • Equips and project and program managers to work effectively with their  

       governance team

     • Clarifies in business strategy terms the distinction between ‘project’ and    

     • Promotes scope and value control overtime and cost control so at to ensure the

       project/program delivers the business value expected

The traditional project management roles such as planning, scheduling, financial, and risk control still apply. The key differences are that
     • The activities being planned are now change activities
     • The schedule looks to deliver progressive and continuous benefit
     • The financial looks control is seeking to optimize the long term operational cost
     • The risk control is seeking to ensure the successful delivery of the business

   outcome, benefit and value, not just the project.

• Our mission as a company is to provide quality service, sound advice to our clients from project development phase, implementation and monitoring to closeout. In carrying out our functions as program managers, we listen to our clients’ concepts and we then apply our experience and knowledge to assemble the professional team who will actualize the client dream.

• Part of what we do as a program manager are Project Development, Programming, Condition Assessments, Project cost control, Risk Management, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Quality control, Quantity Surveying & Estimating, Construction Audit & Claim, Engineering & design and Construction Management Services, in the followings: K-12, Higher Education, Energy (Power Generating and Gas Plants) Oil and Gas (Refineries), Transportation (Airport, Highways, and Bridges Metro lines), Health (Hospitals), Hotels and Resorts, Telecommunications, environmental (Water and Sewage Treatment plants, and Governmental projects (Local, State & Federal).  At DEVCOM we developed and apply the latest technologies and construction management techniques to deliver our projects to our client’s satisfaction.

"Let us assume your responsibilities and manage your projects"


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